Department of physical and organic chemistry

History of the department of physical and organic chemistry in Donetsk national technical university was made by Prof. V.S. Crym, who has been teaching physical and analytic chemistry in Donetsk mining, Donetsk coal fuel chemistry and Donetsk metallurgical institute in 1929-1934. After the union of the all mentioned institutes in Donetsk industrial institute (DII) Prof. V.S. Crym became the head of the department of the chemistry of the solid matter and physical chemistry. After the Second World War institute was reorganized into Donetsk polytechnic institute where department of physical and colloid chemistry (with the associate professor Santalov F.A. as the head of department) and department of analytic and organic chemistry (with the associate professor Babkin M.P. as the head of department) were organized as an independent units. In these years material and methodological bases of the educational process were laid, qualified staff was employed, thematic of the actual and long going scientific projects was determined, scientific schools and traditions which direct further development of the department were established.

Nicolay Lukyanovich Yarym-Agaev was working as the associated professor, head of the department and the professor from the early 1950th till the 1990th on the department of physical chemistry. His scientific interests have been defining the scientific work of his coworkers for the last 45 years, his pedagogic skills and great erudition formed methodology in the teaching of physic-chemical subjects. Associated professors Uvarova K.A. and Mysyk D.D. came to the department in 1960th . Scientific interests of the Uvarova K.A. were laid in the field of the development of the methods of higher purity compounds analyses while Mysyk D.D. has interested in the investigations in synthesis of compounds for the nonsilver information recording. Their scientific interests have been defining scientific thematic for all next years like their teaching experience - teaching-methodological work of the department in the field of analytic and organic chemistry.

In the present state as an educational department of the physical and organic chemistry of Donetsk national technical university it was organized in 1980 after another institute reorganization, departments of physical and colloid chemistry and analytic and organic chemistry were united in one. New department has three main directions: physical and colloid chemistry, analytic chemistry and organic chemistry.

The department provides teaching for the students of the six faculties: Faculty of ecology and chemical technology, physic-metallurgical Faculty, mining-electromechanical Faculty, mining-geological Faculty, correspondence Faculty. Special educational laboratories are functioning for these purposes. Methodological supplies of the courses give an opportunity to make highly qualified teaching of the students. In particular Prof. Yarym-Agaev made the original course of the lectures in physical chemistry which is still used by all lectors of the physic-chemical courses.

For the years of the department existence 1 Doctor and 15 PhDs of the chemical science defended their thesis there, scientific work with the students is made and many of the students works have got awards in the deferent competitions.

Now there are nine lecturers in the department (2 Professors, 6 Associated Professors and 1 Assistant). All lecturers have scientific degrees; four of them have basic university education, two of them are graduates of the Dnepropetrovsk chemical-technology institute and all other are graduates of the Donetsk national technical university. Average age of the lecturers is 56 years; average tutorial record of service is 22 years. Now Professor Vysotsky Yuri Borisovich is the head of the department.

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